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Main features:

- Safe, comfortable, easy breathable, windproof, soft and skin-friendly. Reusable (washable).
- Protects against involuntary hand touches of the nose and mouth.
- Lightweight material allows wear all day long.
- Adjustable. Elastic strap design makes it suitable for most people
- Not affect the language of communication
- Suitable for many activities: indoor/outdoor, office work, sports, crafts, gardening, travel and more.

About ePm1 Textile

International Standards Organization (ISO) Issues a New Standard for Air Filter Testing and Rating.

The world’s leading health-related organizations consider PM10, PM2,5 and PM1 fine dust fractions as the most important and dangerous for humans. Their official documentation to the public always refers to these PM levels. It is therefore logical that filter test methods and classifications follow this approach to demonstrate filtration performance towards the most harmful fine dusts.

Due to their Harmfulness, Permanence, and Frequency, Particles Smaller or Equal to 1μm need the Most Attention

The lighter and smaller a particle is, the longer it stays in the air. 

Particles smaller than 1 micron contribute only a few % to the mass, at the same time contributing to over 90% of the numbers.

ISO 16890 Classifications Are Based On Where Particles Are Deposited in the Human Lung.


Good to know!

Are face masks effective against viruses?

For example, flu virus - about 0.17 microns in size. This is smaller than the filter cell size in most face masks. But, fortunately, the flu virus does not fly in the air by itself. The flu virus is transmitted from infected patients with drops from sneezing and coughing. These particles are typically 5 microns or larger. Wearing a mask by sick people prevents coughing and sneezing drops from flying apart and infecting others. For healthy people, this prevents the inhalation of these particles. More importantly, wearing mask is a good way to prevent accidental touching of the mouth and nose with dirty hands.

Almost none of the masks can guarantee 100% protection against viruses. But wearing a mask can reduce the risk of spreading the infection.